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No such thing as an off-season

Sharpen your skills with ice time all the time

Improve your speed, agility and power

Train at home to perform in games and practice

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Versatile and adaptable to your needs as they change

Perfect for year-round indoor or outdoor use

Great for players of all ages and skill levels

Easy set-up means more practice time

Convenient set-up and breakdown

Fits perfectly in your backyard, driveway, basement or garage

Easy to add or remove tiles to change the size of your rink

Skate Anytime Synthetic Ice

Cutting edge, state-of-the-art Injection-mold process
Small, Lightweight Panels
Seamless 1″ patented interlock system
100% Maintenance Free
Experience Optimal grip. The closest feel to real ice!

What makes Skate Anytime different from other synthetic ice?

Skate Anytime synthetic ice is manufactured specifically for skating and puck movement. The manufacturing process, called “heat-melt injection molding,” melts synthetic ice plastic into liquid form. Twenty different engineered materials are then added to the plastic liquid, creating a state-of-the art panel that is like no other.

What is Skate Anytime synthetic ice made of?

Skate Anytime’s synthetic ice solutions are made from high quality, engineered plastic specifically designed for skating, puck movement, and stick handling.

Do I need special skates?

No! You can wear regular hockey or figure skates.

Where can I install the panels?

On any hard, flat surface.

How easy are the panels to install?

Installing the panels requires only a rubber mallet. Each panel weighs only 3lbs, so they’re easy to move. It’s so easy a kid can do it!

Do I need to add glide to the product?

Skate Anytime synthetic ice has a glide enhancement built in through the manufacturing process. Although not necessary, adding a small additional amount of glide will lessen the friction rate on the skate blade and give you a more ice-like feel.

How do you maintain synthetic ice?

Very little maintenance is required! All you need to do is keep the surface clean. A sponge mop with water and little Skate Anytime glide/cleaner does the trick. Outdoor rinks can be rinsed with a garden hose. If the panels become dirty, a power washer can be used to deep clean the surface.

Can the panels be installed outside?

Yes!  Since this is an “iceless ice skating rink,” the plastic ice panels are made to withstand all weather conditions.