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Brand Ambassador


Our Brand Ambassador Program is exclusively for Skate Anytime Customers and provides Skate Anytime merchandise rewards for helping us drive awareness via social media.

And, Receive a Customized All-Star Page, complete with Player Card:  Click for Example All Star Team & Brand Ambassador Page


At this time, the Skate Anytime Brand Ambassador Program is for customers who are using our product. Please submit your email and we will stay in touch as we expand the program
Skate Anytime Brand Ambassador Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions of Brand Ambassador Agreement SkateAnytime ®
A. As a Brand Ambassador, I understand and agree to the following:
I am agreeing to the terms and conditions listed below:
1) If under age 18, I have the permission of a parent / guardian to participate as a SkateAnytime Brand Ambassador

2) I am not an employee, agent, franchisee, or partner of the company. I cannot act on behalf of the company. I do not have any authority to incur debt, obligation, or liability on behalf of the company.

• I will promote SkateAnytime products using Social Media Platforms including, but not limited to: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook & TikTok
• Post on about SkateAnytime on social networks (blogs, posts, pictures, videos, etc.).
• Share brand message on social networks
• Share content using our brand hashtag: #skateanytime and tag us in posts @skateanytime
• SkateAnytime can call, text, message, email and tag me on social media

3) I will receive a Free Brand Ambassador Box upon acceptance in the Brand Ambassador Program. There is no cost to be a Brand Ambassador and I may leave the program at anytime by notifying the company.

4) I understand that I will not receive monetary compensation for use of images or videos used on the company’s social media networks. The company may post, share, etc any posts from my social media platforms. Any images and videos created may be used for email marketing and website content.

5) I will protect the company’s trademark by not reproducing the company’s name/trademark or any company materials for use in advertising without the written approval of the company.

6) I will promote Skate Anytime on social media accounts by posting appropriate photos of marketing events showcasing the products. I will contact the company if a clear understanding of “appropriate” photos is needed. I will not receive any financial or other compensation for product promotion through my social media network.

7) I will post as often as I would like on my social media accounts with hash tag #skateanytime and/or tag @skateanytime. I understand that I have permission to repost an existing post by SkateAnytime.

8) I will conduct myself in a manner that reflects the highest standard of integrity and responsibility in keeping with the reputation of the company. If I do not uphold these standards, I will be immediately removed from the Brand Ambassador Program.

9) If I choose to leave the Brand Ambassador program, any photos, videos created for SkateAnytime will remain in their database to use on their social media platforms and marketing campaigns.

10) I agree that the company reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any time. I agree to the company’s privacy policy and I have read and agree to these terms.
B. Skate Anytime LLC. (Company) understands and agrees:
i. Company will occasionally offer contests & promotions to the Brand Ambassador to promote on social networks.
ii. Company may provide additional reward points / product awards to top performing Brand Ambassadors at its’ discretion.
iii. If the company terminates the program, the company must provide 30 days written notice to all Brand Ambassadors prior to the termination date.
iv. The Company will retain the rights to use any photos they send us or tag us in, even if the Brand Ambassador exits the program.
v. The Company agrees to adhere to the Company’s privacy policy these terms and conditions.
C. General:
i. This agreement is subject to acceptance by the company and is conditioned by the acceptance of these terms and conditions.
ii. Either party may terminate this agreement immediately for cause or without reason upon written notice.
iii. Skate Anytime LLC may discontinue the Brand Ambassador Program at any time.
iv. The Brand Ambassadors will not be treated as a company employee for any reason.

Frequently Asked Questions

Skate Anytime Brand Ambassadors are passionate about skating, hockey training and/or figure skating. They share their Skate Anytime experiences on social media accounts in informative, fun and even an educational manner.
NO! Our goal is to reward our Ambassadors for sharing their excitement by promoting and posting on their social media accounts!
. Free Skate Anytime Branded Product Ambassador Box including Tee Shirt, Water Bottle, Hockey Puck, Wrist Bracelet, Frisbee & More! In addition, we will be offering contests and prizes for Brand Ambassadors who enthusiastically & creatively promote Skate Anytime on Social Media! Plus, gain real world business experience in social media campaigns, marketing and brand marketing. Questions? Call me @ 716-821-0837 or email

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