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Rollerfly Goalie Slide Plates






SIMULATE GAMEDAY CONDITIONS: Rollerfly goalie slide plates mimic the smooth, slick feel of real ice and will give you the space to work on all the skills you’d need in a game.

BRING YOUR SKILLS TO THE NEXT LEVEL: Hone your moves—from post to post, lateral, butterfly slides and much more—all while wearing your skates.

IT’S NO HASSLE TO SUIT UP: Rollerfly Goalie Slide Plates can be easily strapped on and removed again.


For optimal performance and the most “ice like” feel, regular cleaning of the surface and the application of Scan-ICE® Glide will achieve maximum efficiency.

Simply spraying a light coat of glide enhancement on the Scan-ICE® surface to lower the friction of the puck and skate blade for supreme glide and movement.