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Work Together as a Team with Great Passing Techniques



Passing is the act of moving the puck from one player to another. It is an important skill for hockey players because it allows them to quickly move the puck up the ice and into offensive territory. Skate Anytime user and 3D Hockey Pro, Cory Mickey, walk through some passing skills on our “Ice-Lock” synthetic ice rink.


Build Good Teammate Chemistry

Passing is also a key component of team play as it allows players to work together to create scoring chances. Passing helps keep possession of the puck and allows teams to create offensive pressure. Furthermore, passing helps build chemistry between teammates and can open up opportunities for one-timers and other scoring chances. It also helps create scoring chances by allowing multiple players to work together. Passing also helps maintain possession of the puck, which is essential for offensive success. Passing can open up opportunities for one-timers and other scoring chances, which are vital for teams to score goals. If you want to make it to the next level, Skate Anytime’s “Ice-Lock” synthetic ice technology will get you there.

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