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Let’s Talk Skill Work



For hockey players, skill work is vital to their success. Practicing skills such as passing, puck work, and fakes and dekes can help them become more effective and efficient on the ice. Skate Anytime user and 3D Hockey Pro, Cory Mickey, walks through the importance of skill work on our “Ice-Lock” synthetic ice rink, by highlighting some drills you can do at home. In the past couple of months, we’ve talked about puck work, fakes & dekes and passing. All these things are important to keep up with.

Passing is particularly important for hockey players as it allows them to quickly and accurately move the puck up the ice and into the offensive zone. Puck work is also key as it enables players to maintain possession of the puck as they move up the ice and maneuver around defenders. Fakes and dekes are also important for hockey players as they allow them to create space and time for themselves when facing off against opponents.


By honing their skills, players can develop the ability to read the game better and make the right decisions, whether it’s making a pass, taking a shot, or holding onto the puck. Taking time to work on skills is how hockey players can become more effective and efficient on the ice. If you want to make it to the next level, Skate Anytime’s “Ice-Lock” synthetic ice technology will get you there.

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