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Fakes and Dekes

Fakes and Dekes

Fakes and dekes are two important skills used by hockey players to deceive opponents and create passing and shooting opportunities. Both fakes and dekes involve making a move or gesture to suggest one course of action, only to then do something else entirely. Skate Anytime user and 3D Hockey Pro, Cory Mickey, walk through some basic puck skills on our “Ice-Lock” synthetic ice rink.


A fake is a move or gesture designed to mislead an opponent. A common example is a forehand fake, where the player pretends to shoot on the forehand side, then quickly moves the puck to the backhand side and shoots. This is an effective move to use when trying to beat a defender, as it can force the defender to commit to the side they think the shot is coming from, allowing the player to get the shot off on the other side.


A deke is a more intricate move that involves manipulating an opponent’s body position. The player may move the puck in one direction, then quickly move it in another direction while making a body feint. This can cause the defender to lose his balance, allowing the player to gain control of the puck.

Fakes and dekes are also important skills for hockey players to develop, as they can help players become more creative and creative in their play. Players who are able to utilize fakes and dekes on a regular basis are able to surprise opponents and create scoring opportunities. This keeps the game exciting and entertaining for fans, as they are able to witness the creativity of players on the ice.

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