Why Is It Better?

Why Is It Better?

Not All Synthetic Ice is Created Equal

Comprised of over 20 different engineered polymers, Skate Anytime’s proprietary design mimics ice in every way – except unlike real ice, our synthetic ice solutions are an all-weather compound that can be easily set up and taken down wherever you need it. The co-efficient of friction is so close to real ice, you won’t even realize you’re skating on a plastic ice rink!

Why Should You Choose Skate Anytime?

Other synthetic ice compounds quickly dull your skates and prevent you from performing at the level you need to stay on top of your game. Skate Anytime’s synthetic ice panels are injection molded. We’re able to better control and manipulate the material, engineering the panels specifically for hockey and skating – meaning you’ll always be practicing at the optimum level.

Synthetic Ice

Not all synthetic ice is created equal! Here are some points to consider when choosing synthetic ice:

Skate Anytime Scan-ICE® Synthetic Ice Other Synthetic Ice Products
Manufacturing process Injection-mold process (Cutting edge, state-of-the-art) Machine Fabrication
– Scan-ICE® panels are engineered and manufactured in Sweden using an injection-mold process, where High Performance plastic is heated into liquid form. Over 20 propriety additives are then mixed together including a Glide for enhanced skating. A high pressure injection molding machine then pours the engineered plastic into precise molds, ensuring uniform material throughout each panel.

– With Glide embedded throughout the panel, there is no need to apply a lubricant to the surface of the panel.

– Many synthetic ice panels are produced with large high density plastic sheets that are machine routed to create the interlock

– Glide application is required on the surface of many synthetic ice panels on a regular basis to ensure smooth skating.

Size Small, Lightweight Panels Large, Heavy Panels
– Scan-ICE® panels are 15″” x 30.5″” and weigh only 3.3 lbs, making them easy and lightweight to install, move or transport.

– If you wish to move your rink from garage to basement to backyard, you can do so easily with Scan-ICE®.

– Many synthetic ice panels are large and heavy, up to 4 x 8 feet, which require two people to install and make relocating the panels difficult and time consuming.
Interlock Seamless 1″ patented interlock system Standard Dovetail interlock, up to 8″ span
– Scan-ICE® panels have a patented 1″ interlock that provides a seamless connection of panels and strong support both horizontally and vertically. – Many synthetic ice panels have a standard dovetail interlock, often spaced up to 8″ wide, with larger seams and gaps between panels.
Maintenance 100% Maintenance Free Maintenance Required
– No additional cleaners, Glide or lubricants are required. If dirt and debris fall on your Scan-ICE® panels, just rinse off with water! – Many synthetic ice panels require a lubricant to be applied to the surface on a regular basis, and require special cleaners to remove dirt.
Skating Experience Optimal grip. The closest feel to real ice! Hard plastic feel with limited grip
– The Scan-ICE® surface feels soft when skating. Hockey stops and inside and outside edges feel just like real ice.

– You do not need to have super sharp skates to ensure a smooth skating experience, and skates will not dull as quickly as with many other synthetic ice products.

– Many synthetic ice panels have a hard feel with limited grip, or require an application of surface lubricant to deliver a smooth skating experience. Super sharp skates are required, and skate blades will dull quickly.