Powersk8r Skate Weights


PowerSk8r™ Skate Weights have been ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable fit with non-slip foam padding to grip laces for utmost durability and consistent on-skate positioning. We found the toughest hook and loop straps to secure PowerSk8r™ to your skate and withstand short bursts, fast sprints, quick stops, and the occasional slap-shot to the boot.

Training with PowerSk8r™ is not for the weak or the lazy. In the beginning, you will work harder. You will tire faster. You will sweat more. But in the end, YOU WILL SKATE FASTER.

PowerSk8r™ Skate Weights are to be worn during on-ice training and practice—every practice–and taken off during games. When game day rolls around and you’re skating without that extra weight, you will realize an immediate performance boost!

Available in:

Half pound skate weights designed to fit children’s skates (under size 7 mens) and below 100 pounds

1.0 LB Skate Weights ADULT size skates and players weighing more than 100 LBs


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Weight 64 oz


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