Hockey Attack Triangle


GET READY FOR GAMEDAY: The Hockey Attack Triangle simulates the situation you can expect on gameday. The open “lane” design helps players achieve advanced puck handling skills that other drills can’t replicate.

MORE THAN A TRAINING AID: Train to stickhandle in and around obstructions with finesse. Start with the basics and advance through complex moves your opponent will never see coming.

DESIGNED WITH PLAYERS OF ALL LEVELS IN MIND: Anyone looking to gain a competitive edge can benefit from training with the Hockey Attack Triangle—from beginners to high school athletes to professionals.



The Hockey Attack Triangle is the best stickhandling training aid for developing the skills necessary for creating great scoring opportunities with unbelievable deking and stickhandling ability.

The interactive Attack Triangle challenges players by replicating the positioning of an opponent’s skates and stick. With the open lane between the simulated skates and extending stick, the Attack Triangle forces players to develop puck movement skills, stickhandling abilities and an understanding of passing lanes.

In addition to providing more interaction than cones during an on-ice practice, the hockey attack triangle comes equipped with mooring pins that virtually eliminate sliding.

By using the Attack Triangle at home or in replacement of ordinary cones at practice, players naturally start working on more creative moves that can easily be translated into game situations.

Learn to create more opportunities for yourself and your teammates, make more breakaways happen and gain the competitive advantage in practice that you can bring to the ice on gameday.



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