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How To Redeem Your Coupon

Redeeming your coupons on Amazon is very easy. We’ve created this simple guide to assist.

1. Claim Your Coupon

First “Copy” your coupon. This will copy the coupon to your clipboard.

If you are using a mobile device, you will need to copy and paste using your device’s built-in copy & paste feature.

Then click to “Redeem Coupon on Amazon” and you will be directed to the product for your coupon. You can now checkout.

2. Redeem Your Coupon

Coupon redemption is done at the very end of the checkout process. Make sure you have added the discounted item to your cart, then proceed to checkout.

At checkout, you need to sign in, provide your shipping and billing info, gift options, etc. Then you can enter your coupon.

At the last step, when placing your order, you will see a field to paste your coupon. Simply right click in the coupon field, and select “Paste”.

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